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Joanna Brooks: Mormon Women Take Action on Exclusion from Priesthood

From Joanna Brooks: “Saturday’s Ordain Women action has initiated an unprecedented conversation about power, leadership, and gender within the world of Mormonism.” For those who didn’t hear about this: Hundreds of women (the vast majority of whom attend church regularly) asked to be allowed into the boy-and-men’s-only session of the General Conference. Even non-LDS men are


Mormonism is still racist

There’s no question that Mormonism was racist. Here’s the argument: 1. The LDS Church denied the priesthood to blacks. 2. The priesthood is positively valuable (from the Mormon perspective). 3. [from 1&2] The LDS Church denied something of value to a group of people based on their skin color. 4. To deny something of value


Ritual and Red Tape: The Ethics of Baptisms for the Dead

Mormons believe that each person must undergo certain religious rituals called ordinances (basically equivalent to Catholic sacraments) without which one cannot attain the highest degree of salvation (i.e., exaltation). Mormons also believe that the authority to perform these ordinances was lost due to the so-called Great Apostasy of the traditional (Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant) Christian


Mormon Inconsistency on the Christian Question

Are Mormons Christian?  To contemporary Latter-day Saint (LDS) Mormons (the largest Mormon denomination) this question might seem silly.  After all, their church bears the name of Jesus Christ.  But there’s a historical context behind this question that has to do with the history of Christianity and of Mormonism.  Once this context is understood, then the