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America Defeated From Within: The Terrorists Have Won

Every veteran who has ever sworn allegiance to the Constitution, and especially those who have fallen in our defense, have been betrayed. Our government surrendered to fear, and all of our collective sacrifices have been in vain. Our rule of law was killed by the passage and signing of the NDAA for 2012. The domestic terrorists that hate our freedoms have finally won.


Despondent Mother: “We are about to face a two-generation indentured educated class”

Originally posted at All Education Matters. Sensationally smart. Wicked sense of humor. Loving. Deeply religious and caring. These are a few words that come to mind when describing my friend who is a devoted mother and an indentured educated citizen. We have exchanged emails for years, and I have now been invited to her home.


The President’s Speech On Jobs, And My Call For Him To: “Go after Wall Street — Go after Wall Street now!”

Originally posted September 9 at All Education Matters. For many of us who tuned in to watch the President’s speech, we were reminded of Candidate Obama. But more than that, he sounded Presidential. For the first time, the President sounded strong, hopeful, and – most importantly – sympathetic. The Democrats would rise to their feet and applaud after


Progressives urged to leave the Democratic Party

The failure of President Obama and the Democrats to check the fiscally irresponsible and socially heartless behavior of House Republicans in the Debt Ceiling debacle, followed by Standard and Poor’s erroneous but financially devastating downgrading of the U.S. credit rating, has put the Democratic Party in its most precarious position in years. Even before the

Half a Cheer: some reactions to Obama budget speech

I listened to the President’s speech Wednesday on my car radio, which only gets our local NPR affiliate–no lie. “Squarely in the middle” was how the generic NPR guy referred to Obama’s position in the current budget debate, a position solidified even further with yesterday’s firm, visionary-sounding, higher-ground-seeking, fairness-seeking budget speech. But we agree with Kevin Zeese,

Section 8

Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution states   Congress has the power to declare war and makes rules about captures on land and on water.   Congress also makes rules for the government and regulation of our land and naval forces. The US Congress decides. The President is denied the power to make

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