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Occupy Wall Street


Updates on the Occupation

One of the main stories about the Occupy movement is the corporate media’s initial ignorance, and subsequent dismissal, of the protests. There are clear economic reasons for this: Unlike the “tea parties” (of which events featuring only a few dozen people routinely made for lead stories on mainstream news sources), the Occupy movement presents a


Help Cryn Report on the Occupy Protests

We are re-posting Cryn Johannsen’s message to activists and concerned folks who appreciate grass roots reporting, and are disappointed at the biased and nonsensical mainstream media coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues: I am hitting the road to report about the occupy protests in 7-10 cities, and also want


“Occupy Wall Street” Becomes Nationwide Movement

Originally published at Loop 21. Young protesters drowning in student loan debt want to ignite America’s autumn revolt. Remember the Arab Spring, and how protesters demanding democratic rights took to social media to begin a massive, widespread protest throughout the Middle East? It didn’t happen overnight but most of those civilian led demonstrations resulted in

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