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Episcopal Bishop Mark Sisk

The Episcopal Church and social justice — why I believe Bishop Sisk is wrong when it comes to OWS and Trinity Church

Originally posted at Annie’s View. I was saddened and frankly surprised to read Bishop Sisk’s letter on Facebook. The letter disappeared and reappeared shortly thereafter, along with the accompanying comments. It would appear that Bishop Sisk is bowing to public opinion and caving in and is no longer allowing OWS supporters to utilize their facilities


Oakland General Strike Erupts in Police Provoked Violence- Recounting the Night of November 2nd

Without the cops amassing around the camp threatening people with arrest and violent attack – there would have only been a block party – but the violent police state showed up to smash our party – to foreclose our occupation of the TAS building– they came to reclaim the property of the lenders from the people – which is to say they came to take it from everyone to give it back to no-one.