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Penn State Trustees Violated State Law

The Penn State Board of Trustees may have several times violated state law for its failure to publicly announce meetings and how it handled the firing of Coach Joe Paterno. However, these violations may be the least of the Board’s worries, as it scrambles to reduce fall-out from the scandal that began with revelations that

Scratches on the Blackboard of Animal Cruelty

by Walter Brasch Take a pigeon. Now put that pigeon, along with thousands of others, into small coops that don’t give the bird much freedom to move. Don’t worry about food or water. It won’t matter. Take some of the pigeons—who are already disoriented from hours, maybe days, of confinement—and place a couple of them

Gov. Tom Corbett: Pennsylvania’s “Savior”

by Walter Brasch Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett may be the most adept politician in America. With the nation focused upon the union-busting Tea Party-backed Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Corbett has snuck in a plan to mine the state’s resources, increase employment, reduce educational problems, and whack unions upside the head at the same time. Miraculously, the

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