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Material Responsibility: What the Banks Did to Baltimore

There’s no shortage of pundits condemning the riots in Baltimore. There are also plenty of well-meaning people focusing solely on the disenfranchisement of particular pockets of that city as if the human beings suffering there were characters in some morality play. But it’s time to talk economics, because the events in Baltimore didn’t happen in


Mormonism is still racist

There’s no question that Mormonism was racist. Here’s the argument: 1. The LDS Church denied the priesthood to blacks. 2. The priesthood is positively valuable (from the Mormon perspective). 3. [from 1&2] The LDS Church denied something of value to a group of people based on their skin color. 4. To deny something of value


Racial Opportunism, the Left, and Paulite Baggage: Notes

The batch of emails leaked by Anonymous concerning Ron Paul’s proximity to white supremacists is not a mushroom cloud, but it verifies longstanding suspicions of Ron Paul’s opportunism. So far, I’ve seen no emails from Ron Paul himself, and no screenshots of the emails Anonymous has leaked. There are some excerpts, not from Paul, but

Ron Paul's photo-op with Don Black, American Nazi Party member, KKK Grrand Wizard and owner of Stormfont.

Unforgivable Transgressions: The Problem with Progressive Cheerleading of Ron Paul

In order to illustrate the problem with progressives feeling in any way good about Ron Paul, I offer the following hypothetical. Imagine a candidate, currently poised to capture a significant portion of the GOP primary vote, possessing a unique personality and message as a result of the groundwork he had laid for several decades as