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Saudi Arabia

“Human justice is at stake” : Saudi poet & human rights activist Ahmed Al-Mulla on the struggle for freedom

Ahmed Al Mulla has published four volumes of poetry including ‘Thalla Yataqassaf’ (1995), ‘Khaleef Wa Mael Kanesyan’ (1997), ‘Sahm Yahmos Bi Ismi’ (2005) and ‘Tamareen Wahsh’ (2010). He has previously spoken on American radio programs concerning the protests in Saudi Arabia. You can find some of his poetry here.  Last week, Al Mulla told the

Saudi Arabia: Royalism and Oilism

Nothing captures the cynical reality of fossil fuel capitalism more than the fear mongering taking place concerning possible uprisings in Saudi Arabia. Where the world should be celebrating people struggling to realize their dignity and gain a voice in the political processes that shape their lives, instead we are being treated to apocalyptic scenarios involving