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Cory Morningstar

Tenacious by nature, Cory Morningstar is a disciplined activist. A Bohémienne with artistic and intellectual tendencies, who lives and acts with little regard for conventional rules of behaviour. She is both engaged & engaging. She belongs to the night. She divides her time between activism and her beautiful children. On Sunday mornings she cradles two loves…that of her coffee & book of choice. She has a reverence for interesting people.

She has traveled extensively in developing, war torn countries, spending time in coffee fincas of Nicaragua, the sugar bateyes of the Dominican Republic, on the streets of Cambodia, and most recently Bolivia where she contributed to the People’s Agreement written in Cochabamba.  She is a sensualist who lives on Love Street. She diet consists of coffee, cocoa camino chocolate & sunshine.

She craves constant mental stimulation as some crave cigarettes. This is not simply a substance she desires…but a substance she needs to exist.

Cory Morningstar loves to write when time allows. She loves her naturalized gardens and does admit to having  a tree fetish.  Ms. Morningstar serves as chair of the advisory committee on the environment, to the City of London.  She recently resigned as president of one of the most active Council of Canadians chapters in Canada.  She works closely with climate change activists.  She would rather die than compromise.  She believes in direct action and initiated the grassroots group: Canadians for Action on Climate Change, a member of International Climate Justice Now!  She also works with ClimateSOS activists.  Prior to working on the People’s Agreement in Cochabamba, 2010, Ms. Morningstar, collaborated with Ms. Joan Russow, former Leader of the Canadian Green Party in writing the document Time to be Boldwhich was one of the documents referred to in the creation of the People’s Agreement.

Her most well known piece of writing was written after the Copenhagen disaster titled: EYES WIDE SHUT | TckTckTck exposé from activist insider. Oils Sand Truth named it “One of the most important articles Climate Campaigners will ever read…

You can follow her on twitter:  @elleprovocateur