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Gary S. Barkley

Gary S. Barkley is the founding Publisher of Shared Media Cooperative.  He is an Iraq war vet and author.  After completing a 13-month tour as the Civil Affairs Executive Officer to the Ninewa Provincial Reconstruction Team in Mosul, Mr. Barkley returned in 2007 determined to describe the surreal nature of that military campaign and the threats to national security posed by the policy against gays serving openly.  After completing and publishing Shared Sacrifice: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell & The Global War On Terror (iUniverse, 2008), he worked with Matt J. Stannard to develop and produce the Shared Sacrifice podcasts, which have run continuously since April 2008.

Immediately prior to  incorporation of Shared Media Cooperative as a non-profit corporation, Mr. Barkley relinquished his role as Publisher.  He noted his pride in seeing the organization he founded mature into a fully independent media outlet.  As Publisher Emeritus, he continues as a volunteer, writing articles, sitting on the Editorial Board, and providing website design advice to the organization.

Mr. Barkley holds degrees in Economics and Accounting and lives in Utah.