Advantages of Vaping over Smoking Cigarettes

Vaping is the new kind of smoking. But still smoking is injurious to health in many ways. People say that vaping has fewer side effects as compared to smoking regular cigarettes. That is a fact but to some extend only but one way or the other, smoking does some serious damage to human body. There are many health experts who have also verified this because there are many flavors which are made up of chemicals which turn into a cloud when a person inhales and exhales. If you don’t believe what you just read, try this experiment, take a vape and an empty glass. Now inhale some vape smoke and smoke it inside the glass and instantly put it upside down. Make sure not to open it, wait for a while and after some good long wait, you will see that the smoke will be gone and there will be small water droplets on the glass or on the surface where you kept it.

Health experts also said that when you compare the vapes and the regular cigarettes, you will see that regular cigarettes have more than 6000 chemicals inside it. The main issue that regular cigarettes smokers see is the bad breath. You must have seen many smokers who keep a packet of mint gums with them, because when they are done smoking not all only get the bad breath but they get they stink all over their clothes as well. There are many high nicotine cigarettes which can make you feel dizzy because of too much nicotine in-take. But in the case of vaping, the person will inhale less and exhale a lot of smoke.

Due to this many regular cigarettes smokes feel nausea and they can’t breathe properly. But when you vape, the smoke doesn’t reach to the chest due to its thickness and people don’t feel nausea at all. There are more than 7 million who die each year due to regular cigarette smoking alone in the United States. And due to vaping, people have died but in a less number. Regular cigarette gives a lot of chances of getting lungs and mouth cancer, but the vaping will give you sinus problem only if you smoke a lot. But if you want a safe vape with some good instructions, visit myle in Dubai or see different vaporesso price in Dubai.

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