Disadvantages of Self-Service Kiosks

This is the fast era and a digital era. People want things fast and they now believe that time doesn’t wait for anyone and people don’t like to be kept waiting. For such needs, there are many technologies that are now used for such purposes. Take a small example, when you are at the ATM, you are there because you want instant cash. And that does happen. But there are different problems when it comes to having such kiosks. You will see kiosks now almost everywhere now. You will see them at malls, airports, super stores and even hospitals or clinics now. Because people don’t want to stand in queues anymore just for taking a receipt and waiting more to get your called.

There are many advantages of keeping a kiosk in your business like; it doesn’t crowd the counters and people can take all sorts of information. But there are different disadvantages of keeping a kiosk as well. And one of many disadvantages is that they are highly expensive. Even though this machine is small but it can do all sorts of things and remember all kinds of information including providing all sorts of information to people even when the employees forget. Which clearly means that they are expensive in installing and maintenance as well. The software alone can cost thousands of dirhams. The hardware has to be bought with advanced features because if the hardware is bought of old version, then the new software will not be capable with it and all your money can be wasted.

Then there is the installation. You have bought the machine, if you have a franchise of let’s say Etisalat, you have to give money to Etisalat to purchase the software for the kiosk which can be very expensive. Even the installation person will charge you with a lot of money as well. Then there is the maintenance of that machine and the updating of the software on monthly basis as well. Because if anyone who doesn’t know how to use the software and they press different buttons which jams the system, then reviving that system will be very expensive because the installation person will have to code differently. And if someone spills coffee on the kiosk, then you have to get the whole machine again. You can contact any kiosk design companies in Dubai and you can also hire any exhibition stand contractors in Dubai too.

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