High paying professions in Malaysia

Have you completed your high school and are about to choose your career path?. So you should take this decision wisely because your whole life is dependent on this decision. You should choose your profession on the basis of your interest and on the basis of career opportunities. In this article, we have compiled list of highly paying professions in Malaysia. It will help you to choose right career path for you. So you must read this article before choosing right career path for you.

Civil engineer:

The demand of civil engineers is increasing day by day in Malaysia because their work is related to the construction of buildings. And now a days, there are many buildings which are being constructed and many shopping malls. So their demand is increasing day by and day and fresh graduates will also be able to secure job in less time.


The healthcare system of Malaysia is better and their government is always in try to provide better treatment to their patients. So the demand of doctors is also increasing. The demand of doctors is not only increasing in Malaysia but also in whole world.

Computer specialist:

Now a days, technology is beings used in every business. The companies need soft wares, websites, applications and many other things related to digital media. Even now the need of social media marketing is also increasing. So that’s why there is bright future for computer specialist and for software professionals.


Usually, every company needs accountants for its finance related matters. Budgeting is the most important part of a company and companies can never be run without budgeting. Companies also need finance advisors because all of the persons are not expert in financial matters. There are many professional degrees which provide career path to become accountant but among all of them ACCA is considered as highest paying profession. You can study ACCA in Malaysia as there are many institutes providing education for ACCA. You can also know about ACCA in Malaysia fees on internet.

Education consultant:

If you like work related to consultancy then you can also go for education consultant. As students are always in need of guidance. So these consultants are earning handsome income in Malaysia.

Human resource executive:

Usually, the human resource managers recruit employees in companies. So when there will be a lot of companies in a country then obviously there will be more opportunities for human resource managers.

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