Myths about young kids

Young kids have a lot to deal with in their early school stages but they don’t realize it yet. School is one of their significant parts of the routine and being parents you must always be concerned regarding your child’s health for which you may want to opt for best school bags in Dubai, but in doing so, we often start believing things which aren’t true. This is why, here we will debunk some myths related to school bags.

  • Heavy bags can cause back problems

Yes it is true that bag packs can be a little hard to manage and most of the early back problems are diagnosed in the adolescence. Heavy bag packs can cause a strain on muscles, shoulders, back and neck simultaneously. It is also often responsible for ruining posture and long term burden on shoulders can pose a complete different set of problems. This definitely takes place in the early childhood developing times which is why this myth turns out to be true.

  • Child will inform about the bag being heavy

Even though you must’ve asked your child several times to inform you if the bag is heavy, they may still not tell you. The reason is that most of the times the heaviness of the bag pack is mild which child may endure or sometimes they get used to lifting the burden in such a way that they don’t feel the pain anymore but it is still posing a great impact on their health behind the doors. You may want to keep an eye out on their bag and if they are carrying more than they should.

  • Students should never be asked to carry bags

Being parents it is easy to overreact to situation but you need to think rationally and remember that children are still in their learning and developing phase which would teach them and prepare for the upcoming difficulties of the world. It is necessary that children carry bags and a little weight for their physical development. You can of course opt for a lighter bag by dividing the weight and considering the use of lockers as well. There are of course different types of bags such as trolley bags and one straps which you should look forward to.

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