Things to know about neon lights

We all love neon lights but very few know the interesting things about them. There goes a lot into making of a neon light than one can expect it to and thus the results are evident in form of striking neon colors which light up the room for a beautiful effect especially in the dark. Let’s look at some of the most fun and interesting facts about neon lights and how audio visual company is striving for better:

  • Neon signs are handmade

No matter what kind of neon sign you order for your room or party one thing which you can be sure of is the fact that they would be a hundred percent handmade because since its start the process have always been the same. It requires a great deal of hand eye coordination to bend the glass into its required shape because glass is a very fragile instrument which can break or crack on the slightest mis handling.

  • Neon signs are visible even in fog

If you have been through the struggles of navigating your way around on a foggy evening in such situations even the slightest light was a bliss. Ever imagined why fog was never the problem in a party full of people when you had to navigate the huge neon BAR sign? Neon never had a problem with fog, and this is the reason several lighting companies in Dubai are making neon signs for airports and advertisement.

  • Neon signs mean party

It is the world recognized phenomena that neon signs mean party. They are bright, colorful and fun when paired with speakers from audio visual company in Dubai, then you are sure to have a fun filled enjoyable party. It is not only the parties that are lit but even a plain room, empty café or even a toilet sign could be made fun this way. Neon signs are a delicate matter which is why they are also a bit expensive but totally worth the hype. The best part about neon signs is that you can do whatever and however kind of sign you want it to be. Most people like to stay basic while others go all out with their creativity and uniqueness. Whatever you choose, just know that it is going to turn out awesome.

Author: admin