Do not take injuries lightly

Professional players from their respective sporting careers should realize the importance of visiting an orthopedic doctor in Ajman as well as an orthopedic doctor in Sharjah. The longer the delay the more chances of players careers coming to a stop.

Meeting an unfortunate accident: Should an athlete meet an unfortunate accident it calls for a visit to an orthopedic doctor. Accidents can happen for so many reasons. It could be misjudgments on part of the player, inadequate equipments or unsuitable conditions to play the sport. A good example is when a tennis player takes a bad fall due to wrong anticipation of a shot, worn out shoes or the court was too slippery to play on. The end result is the player ends up being severely injured.

Orthopedic doctors excel when it comes to referrals: The moment the player consults an orthopedic doctor regarding an injury, not only will the doctor conduct a series of tests but also take a good look at the player’s background. The reason being is the doctor would want to know if the injury was caused due to weak genetics. It is possible the player has a weak core which could explain the tennis player falling on the court. The doctor would refer the player to a physiotherapist whose primary job is to not only strengthen the injured muscle but also improve the player’s lower core.

Charging reasonable fees: A hospital that wants to succeed in smaller states such as Ajman and Sharjah will need to keep tabs on the fees being charged. Charging higher fees would be illogical on part of orthopedic doctors in a particular hospital keeping in mind that smaller states comprise mostly of expats who are financially weak.

Popularity of cricket in Sharjah: It should not come as a surprise to see people playing cricket in the streets of Sharjah be it in broad daylight or during the night. Expats play cricket with standard tape balls and low quality cricket bats found in the market. Most of the expats are not physically fit as they do not have access to gyms. While playing cricket in the streets, chances of injuries are high and it would be nearly impossible for a financially weak expat to avail the services of an orthopedic doctor when the hospital charges exorbitant fees. The case worsens for a professional cricket player representing the UAE team and most of them are expats too.

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