Tricks to make the gym cheaper

Tricks to make the gym cheaper

For a fitness center in Abu Dhabi to have the reputation of being a cheap gym in Abu Dhabi, owners would need to figure out ways to market the gym in a digital manner. Digitally marketing the gym would lead to less time being consumed and less cost incurred to run the gym.

Issues of a conventional set up: In a traditional set up there were times when it was next to impossible to apply for membership to join a gym. From a customer’s perspective, the customer hears about this particular gym, decides to join it. Keeping in mind the customer is using a great deal of resources in order to reach the gym. Upon reaching the gym he or she finds out that initial registration fee is too expensive. It is not question of finding the initial amount to be out of their ranges rather private sessions with trainers could irk them out. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, for instance the fees of the gym is determined by the size of the gym and the facilities it provides. If its just a small sized gym with no other facilities then charging customer higher fees does not seem to be logical. It is understandable that the gym has to pay its staff as well as survive in the market hence the higher fees.

Role of Digital marketing: To make things convenient for the gym and the customer, the gym should set up an online platform similar to the likes of E-bay. In this manner both the parties will be able to locate each other online. The customers get to know the gym in detail on this platform. Customers can choose who to train with from a list of trainers to choose from.

Booking private sessions: There is a good reason for having an online platform in place. Online platforms can prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to booking appointments with trainers. Not every customer can book appointments through telephonic calls as some could be hard of hearing or have some disability. In order to tackle this issue, customers can easily book their appointments through the online platform without having to say a word. Elderly customers might not be familiar with such platforms, for such members, the gym can reach out to them through any form of text messaging.

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