Quirky Wedding Themes

Wedding themes are the hardest things to plan, people get confused when it comes it deciding about the color, or deciding about the décor and all other kinds of things. Theme of the wedding makes the wedding special because that will be the most memorable thing. But there are people who are obsessed with different types of themes and some of them were the quirkiest. That is why the wedding of the year was of Jamie and Christopher Chandler, they planned a theme which was based on The Little Mermaid story. They both dressed up like them, well of course, Jamie dressed up without the tail fin and the father of bride actually had a crown and he grew a bread just for the wedding. He dressed as the King Triton. This wedding was held near a beach.

People are mostly obsessed with story books and novel and the next wedding that we are going to tell you got the most heart reacts when it hit on the social media. In 2016, Stephanie Dodd and Samuel Goetsch spent more than 65,000 dollars or a Harry Porter themed wedding. The aisle was lined with book pages and the seats had feature pens and books in front of them which were given as a gift. The programs were printed as The Daily Prophet’s newspaper. If this didn’t excite you, well-read further, because they had an owl who delivered the wedding rings to them.

This is the couple that made a record while mirroring the wedding with a cartoon. In 2015, Sam Finan and Bob Thomas had a wedding that was based on the animated movie Minions. They even named the movie OneInAMinion, where the wedding rings were carried by people wearing minions costume and they even had a minion wedding cake. People are obsessed with things we get it but there are people who get obsessed with social media platforms. In 2013, a couple named Anuj Patel and Sumita Dalmia, they met on Twitter and when they started communicating, Anuj proposed Sumita and she said yes. In the wedding that wore clothes themed like Twitter and they even had a cake which has Twitter on it. There are people who spent a lot of money on Alice in the Wonderland story themed wedding. You can book different wedding halls in Dubai and book coworking spaces in Dubai too.

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