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Constitution Day Strike Against Corporate Personhood, Sept 16-18, 2011

Bottom Line Up Front: We are organizing a nationwide Strike Against Corporate Personhood for the weekend of Constitution Day, 2011. This will be a three-day event, September16-18, since Constitution Day falls on Saturday this year.

We need organizers from around the country to work together to get the word out and develop events for their local areas (parades, picnics, rallies, etc).

All American workers are encouraged to call in sick/take vacation from work Friday-Sunday, September 16-18, 2011 in protest of corporations being treated as people in the eyes of the law.

Corporate “persons” thrive on workers’ consumption, so we also encourage everyone to take a vacation from spending for these three days. Spend no money! Let’s show the Washington elite that the power of this economy is in the strength of worker numbers, not the boardrooms of Wall Street.

Politicians in Washington are more influenced by the words and cash of corporations than they are by their oaths to represent the needs of actual people in their states. These Washington insiders have confused what is best for “business” as being what is best for the country. One only has to look at the very real fact that unemployment is at historic highs—and expected to stay that way—while corporate profits are off the charts. This is proof that the policies that put profit first put people last.

Bailouts of failing giant corporations, without demanding changes to the reckless business practices that led to their failure, is further proof that “business” has captured not only the attention but the loyalty of our government. This is a clear and present danger to our national security and economic prosperity.

The Take Action website will be a clearinghouse for information and initiatives from around the country: A place where organizers can take examples and develop best-practices for this strike. It is also a place where average people can tell their personal stories of abuse at the hands of corporations.

We have created a special email address for those that would like to be involved, but feel they must stay behind the scenes. Email strike @ politicalcontext.org to become involved—or just create a user account on the Take Action site and get started now!

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