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Archives for May 10, 2011

May Day

Go! Get out into the greening.   See life happening. Get hip to the meaning   of the resurrection metaphor for Mother Earth in the act of returning what each autumn we mourn and is now being reborn with the first heady scent of royal purple hyacinth, a cyclical reminder that heaven is Earth and

The News, It Is a-changin’

by Walter Brasch   It was a little before 9 a.m.   I was chatting with two students.   Another student came in, and asked if we had heard a plane had hit a building in New York City.   We hadn’t, but I assumed it was a light private plane, and the pilot had

Occupying Sacramento

The occupation of Sacramento is underway. For regular reports, check out the Strike May 2011 web site. And you can hear our interview with Greg Vickrey and Cindy Sheehan, two of the protest organizers, here. Police have dutifully begun arrests: At the state Capitol in Sacramento late Monday, California Highway Patrol officers arrested dozens of