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America Defeated From Within: The Terrorists Have Won

It is now official.  America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, has been defeated—from within.  Every veteran who has ever sworn allegiance to the Constitution, and especially those who have fallen in our defense, have been betrayed.  Our government surrendered to fear, and all of our collective sacrifices have been in vain.

With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, and its signing by President Obama, the terrorists that hate our freedoms have finally won.  I don’t mean the terrorists who blow themselves up in market squares in far off Middle Eastern countries, or even those rightfully dead ones who flew themselves into history on 9/11.  I am talking about the yellow bellied, traitor-terrorists we entrust with making our laws.  They all proclaim their undying allegiance to the Constitution, but cannot abide the provisions that prevent government abuse of the citizens.

In the Thirteenth century, the right to force the government to prove cause in the detention of an individual was created in the concept of habeas corpus and enshrined in the Magna Carta.  From this document, the Founders of our own republic directly placed into Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution the idea that the government does not have the authority to arbitrarily confine someone without charge or trial.  Note that it did not take an amendment to enact this, as this is not part of the Bill of Rights—it was placed in the original text adopted in 1789—that’s how important it was.  But that’s all over now.  Nearly a millennium of Western jurisprudence and over 222 years as a foundational rule of our law has been destroyed by the world’s leading Anti-American cabal:  the United States Congress.

They have declared war on the American people.  Is there any other way to interpret this?  They know that the path demanded by their 1% masters is unsustainable, but they are powerless in the face of their masters’ greed and their own selfish lust for power.  So they take the course which will hasten the demise of their legitimacy.  They have tightened the downward spiral to our national ruin.

This is the only time that I can recall that I have agreed with Michelle Bachmann on the need to investigate members of Congress to “find out if they are pro-America or anti-America.”  However, Bachmann herself surrendered to fear and voted for this unconscionable act of treachery (before it went to conference) which ends the rights of Americans to be free from government abuse (she did not, however, vote for the final passage because running for president is more important to her than doing the job she has).  I doubt very much that an investigation around this form of anti-Americanism would suit her tastes.

So many in Congress decry government overreach in areas such as taxation and business regulation, as if these are the only important parts of our social contract.  But in the realm of actual individual liberty—those principles that prevent the government from taking you in the dead of night—these craven blowhards are all too willing to orchestrate the defeat of our rule of law.

President Obama, for his part, is so weak that the hardline threat of veto he issued (probably because he didn’t really mean it in the first place) was ignored as Congress rushed full steam ahead to destroy the last vestiges of freedom.  They couched this betrayal in the spending bill needed to support the troops fighting for freedom overseas.  Their shame knows no bounds.  They knew and know, as so many of us do, that President Obama is too milquetoast to veto anything that provides huge profits to his party’s corporate masters, and too spineless to stand up for the actual Constitutional rule of law.  Both branches of government have betrayed the document they have sworn to uphold.  Is there a better definition for treason than that?

But surely the courts won’t uphold these provisions!  That’s the whole reason for checks-and-balances, right?  Does anyone think that the courts will intercede?  Even if they wanted to, someone would have to petition them to do so, but to do so they will require “standing”.  If/when you are in a solitary cell in an undisclosed location somewhere, who is going to speak for you?  How will the courts determine that a lawyer actually represents you when they can’t even verify that the government has you in custody?

Apologists for this outrage point out that the Act specifically says that this new provision doesn’t interfere with existing law.  Then why bother to even create it?  Why do we need any law that states that the President of the United States can detain an American citizen arrested on American soil without charge or trial for the rest of their lives?  We will wait for “the end of hostilities” forever in the case of the Global War on Terror, so people will die in solitary confinement on the arbitrary suspicion and authority of whomever happens to occupy the Oval Office at any given time.

I can see a scene where a member of Congress who voted for this, what I will now call “Treason Act”, when rounded up by a future president argues, without irony, that it was not the intent of Congress that it be used to round up members (or former members) of Congress.  The slippery slope has been reached, and Congress dove head first down it.  They don’t seem to understand that the law touches them as well.  They should consider this the only warning they will get.

It is important that all Americans know just who betrayed them.  So, for your benefit, and the benefit of future generations, here is the full list of the Senate and how they voted on this cowardly act of capitulation and here’s the roll call for the House.  If your Senator and/or Representative voted for this, he/she has betrayed you, our honored veterans, and our troops fighting in wars-of-choice in far off lands.  If your state has a mechanism for recall, it is your patriotic duty to get that process started immediately.  If he/she is up for re-election in 2012 (as is the whole House and 1/3 of the Senate), you owe it to yourself, our troops, and future generations to prove that this surrender is unacceptable by sending these corrupt traitors to American freedom out into the cold.

The protests will heat up now and grow larger.  Watch for government agencies to start declaring port closing and corporate boycotts acts of terrorism or “rebellion”, sending goon squads to knock on doors in the night.  Their hope will be to silence the organizers and strike government-sponsored terror into the hearts of the general population.  But they forget one very important thing:  Despite the nature of those they send to Congress, the American people are not at heart ruled by fear.  These rightfully worried betrayers have awakened this sleeping giant, a giant which has risen many times and proven that it can—and does—defeat  enemies far superior in strength and resolve to the traitors who today are destroying our country in the name of preserving corporate power.


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