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Joanna Brooks: Mormon Women Take Action on Exclusion from Priesthood

From Joanna Brooks: “Saturday’s Ordain Women action has initiated an unprecedented conversation about power, leadership, and gender within the world of Mormonism.” For those who didn’t hear about this: Hundreds of women (the vast majority of whom attend church regularly) asked to be allowed into the boy-and-men’s-only session of the General Conference. Even non-LDS men are allowed to attend, but LDS women, including returned missionaries, are not. Church officials broadcast the session for people to listen to outside, but refused the women entrance, while “Inside the Tabernacle and the nearby Conference Center, rows of seats went unfilled.”

Each and every line of this article is worth reading by both LDS and non-LDS, and those who oppose or support this cause. I’ve read Joanna’s writing for over 20 years and can honestly say this quickly-written report is one of her best.

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