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West Coast Occupy Camps’ Increased Vulnerability to Police Raids and Eviction

As the Occupy encampments continue to grow along the west coast, city officials have been taking action to ensure they do not last long. In just the last week, we’ve seen a heightened increase in policy raids, violence and threats to shut down camps in Oakland, Berkeley, Portland and other locations across the US. Police

West and Dix

Cornel West and Carl Dix Dialogue- December 2nd at UC Berkeley

Where: Pauley Ballroom on UC Berkeley’s Campus When: Friday, December 2nd at 7pm Cornel West, one of America’s most notable intellectuals, and Carl Dix, one of the founders of the Revolutionary Communist Party, will exchange in a dialogue on UC Berkeley’s campus as part of their nation-wide campus tour. Their talk entitled “In the Age of Obama — Police


Oakland General Strike Erupts in Police Provoked Violence- Recounting the Night of November 2nd

Without the cops amassing around the camp threatening people with arrest and violent attack – there would have only been a block party – but the violent police state showed up to smash our party – to foreclose our occupation of the TAS building– they came to reclaim the property of the lenders from the people – which is to say they came to take it from everyone to give it back to no-one.

occupy flyer

Call for Action – Occupy Oakland General Strike 11/2

The stated purpose of the General Strike is as follows: To stand in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movement; To end police attacks on our communities; To defend Oakland schools and libraries; To stand against an economic system built on inequality and corporate power that perpetuates racism, sexism and the destruction of the environment