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Wisconsin Across the Progressive Spectrum

Defying weeks of overwhelming protests, the Wisconsin Senate yesterday dropped the other shoe and voted to kill collective bargaining for public employees. Opposition to this has been united among the left. How have various parts of the progressive mosaic represented the news? Below are some highlights. First, the story from last night:  The extraordinary turn

Weekend Review

It’s been a busy week here at Politicalcontext.org. Editor Matt J. Stannard has two new editorials this week: a brand new piece on Saudi Arabia and the bourgeois media’s stoking fears of a revolution there, and a piece lamenting our worship of celebrities during Oscar season. Speaking of the Oscars, we’re fortunate to have award

“Today’s deficits do not burden future generations…” Straight talk about government spending with Marshall Auerback

One of the most oft-deployed claims against the Obama administration, and the underlying concepts of social services, government spending, and social responsibility itself, is that deficits kill the economy. In fact, if you listened to deficit hawks from both major parties, as well as libertarian doomsayers, you’d think deficit spending was not just bad, but

Mass labor uprising in Wisconsin

…over 10,000 Wisconsinites marched on the state Capitol yesterday, students walked out of high schools throughout the state, and public employees held banners along roadways in defense of their collective bargaining rights.

Wage Slaves & Debt Serfs

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s song Sixteen Tons tells the story perfectly about what America once was for millions of Americans; that twilight past is a new dawn for generations of our entire population. We are, for the most part, already a country of wage slaves and quickly becoming bound as debt serfs. When your government becomes

Political Context: Economics

As Founder of Shared Media Cooperative and Publisher of Political Context, it is my honor to welcome you to the Political Context: Economics homepage! Here we will discuss important issues touching on economics, Political economy, economic science, an examination of the goings on in the material base. Debates and updates on long-term and short-term economic

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