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Why It’s Time to Reject the Duopoly

Most Americans want a fair economy, not one that stacks the deck for people who already enjoy a stacked deck. But both major parties accept the inevitability of corporate-centered capitalism, a system which cannot be reformed and will destroy the planet. Over 70 percent of the public supported a publicly-run health care option, but both

Kindle Fire Temp = Fahrenheit 451

or Why I Don’t Own an E-Reader (yet) In the future there will be no need for Ray Bradbury’s book-burning firemen of Fahrenheit 451. The books will simply disappear before our eyes, or – perhaps worse – they will be edited to comply with the approved messages of the masters without our noticing. Bradbury resisted


Early Evening in the Park

“Time is a game played beautifully by children.” ~Heraclitus I am watching my nine year-old, my soon-to-be-seven year-old, and my five year-old play on the playground at one of Laramie’s fine parks, Laprele, with its Huck Finn fishing pond, its rows of tall pines, and its tiny little river. I am watching my kids’ imaginations


Quote of the Day: Build an independent progressive movement!

        From frequent politicalcontext.org and Shared Sacrifice guest, the feisty and inimitable Kevin Zeese: The only path to shifting power from the concentrated wealth that controls both parties and both presidential candidates is to focus on building an independent movement to challenge both parties. Right now the electoral system is so rigged


Phony Progressives and Mass Incarceration

I have been involved in a very deep and lengthy discussion with a friend, Kathleen Wells, who is sponsoring a petition to end mass incarceration in prisons around the country because of the hugely disproportionate impact they have on African Americans. Kathleen, an attorney and broadcast journalist for KCAA Radio in Loma Linda, California, has


Quote of the Day: What is “natural?”

Production might be natural. Obviously consumption is natural. Trading goods, working for a payoff, and some forms of competition might be natural. But none of that means capitalism is natural. Here’s today’s quote: Nature does not produce on the one side owners of money or commodities, and on the other men possessing nothing but their

Freedom Socialist Party

Obama to Women Voters: Do a lot for me so I can do a tiny bit for you

  The following is a press release from the Durham/Lopez campaign of the Freedom Socialist Party: The Obama presidential campaign has recently turned its full attention  to women voters and the fact that they are none too happy with the administration’s waffling on reproductive rights and other issues. Hence the idea was hatched to do a one-million-woman mailing


American Patriotism in Hyper-Drive

It’s midway between Flag Day and Independence Day. That means several million copies of full-page flags printed on cheap newsprint, June 14, have been burned, shredded, thrown away, or perhaps recycled. It’s an American tradition. Flag Day was created by President Wilson in 1916 on the eve of the American entry into World War I.

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