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Green Party USA

Green Shadow Cabinet: No action should be taken against NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden

From the Green Party’s Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and King Downing: The Green Shadow Cabinet’s Government Transparency and Accountability Department calls on the Obama administration to “stand down” from action against National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden, a former CIA technician working for the military firm Booz Allen Hamilton under NSA contract, took responsibility for exposing widespread

Tim DeChristopher

Environmental Justice: One Illegal Bid at a Time

On April 21, the day before Earth Day, Tim DeChristopher was released from custody by the Department of Justice. He had served 21 months for having committed an act of civil disobedience against a government bureau that had violated the law. In his mid-20s, DeChristopher, who graduated from high school in Pittsburgh, was in Utah

Walter Brasch

Brasch Goes to Court, Fighting for Open Records

In July of this year, Walter Brasch, award-winning journalist and longtime contributor to the old Shared Sacrifice page and politicalcontext.org currently, filed four Right to Know requests with the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, for documents pertaining to state government issues. The Association fought the requests, and the issue is now in court.  Dan


More Jokes From the Penn State Trustees

Whenever I need a couple of laughs, I turn to the bumbling self-aggrandizing antics of the Pennsylvania legislature. However, in the past few months, the Penn State Board of Trustees has done the near-impossible; they have provided more laughs than the menagerie in Harrisburg. To call either the Legislators or the Trustees “clowns” would demean


Phony Progressives and Mass Incarceration

I have been involved in a very deep and lengthy discussion with a friend, Kathleen Wells, who is sponsoring a petition to end mass incarceration in prisons around the country because of the hugely disproportionate impact they have on African Americans. Kathleen, an attorney and broadcast journalist for KCAA Radio in Loma Linda, California, has


Uncertain Rule of Law

We face a dangerous new kind of economic uncertainty—uncertainty in the rule of law. After settling with the banks, the government wants the system to snap back into the old rules, with everyone acting as if widespread institutionalized theft never happened. It doesn’t work that way. What assurance do we have that the rules won’t be rewritten again, when more blind forgiveness is needed for us to “look forward, not back”?


Owning Is Not More Productive Than Working

We have yet to have an open discussion in America about the preferential tax treatment given to the ownership class. They’re not “job creators”, a meme the 1% is desperately trying to rehabilitate, so we can no longer afford to protect them with the enforced decorum of not asking the obvious questions of fairness.


America Defeated From Within: The Terrorists Have Won

Every veteran who has ever sworn allegiance to the Constitution, and especially those who have fallen in our defense, have been betrayed. Our government surrendered to fear, and all of our collective sacrifices have been in vain. Our rule of law was killed by the passage and signing of the NDAA for 2012. The domestic terrorists that hate our freedoms have finally won.


The Sanctimonious Scavengers of the Penn State Scandal

There is nothing the media love more than a good celebrity sex scandal. Since the story of Scarlett Johansson’s purloined nude pictures had run its course, and the media squeezed every drop of ink it could from the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries engagement/wedding/marriage/divorce, they had to find something else to feed the beast with the insatiable

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