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West and Dix

Cornel West and Carl Dix Dialogue- December 2nd at UC Berkeley

Where: Pauley Ballroom on UC Berkeley’s Campus When: Friday, December 2nd at 7pm Cornel West, one of America’s most notable intellectuals, and Carl Dix, one of the founders of the Revolutionary Communist Party, will exchange in a dialogue on UC Berkeley’s campus as part of their nation-wide campus tour. Their talk entitled “In the Age of Obama — Police


Oakland General Strike Erupts in Police Provoked Violence- Recounting the Night of November 2nd

Without the cops amassing around the camp threatening people with arrest and violent attack – there would have only been a block party – but the violent police state showed up to smash our party – to foreclose our occupation of the TAS building– they came to reclaim the property of the lenders from the people – which is to say they came to take it from everyone to give it back to no-one.


The Evolving Political Context of GOP Messaging

GOP politicians have no policy answers which don’t result in more money flowing into the hands of the already rich. And all they can think of in terms of messaging is to fall back on their tired history of dividing Americans. But it’s not working this time.


Occupy Winter

Unfortunately for the political- and ruling-classes, cold weather will not make this go away. The focus has shifted away from a small park in Manhattan and landed squarely on every working class kitchen table.


“A Sign of the Times”

From Naomi Spencer’s “Notes on the Social Crisis in America” at the World Socialist Web Site: Philadelphia robberies attributed to hunger Philadelphia police report that three men and a teenaged boy arrested in connection with multiple robberies said they committed the crimes because they suffered from hunger. None of the suspects, aged 38, 21, 19,

Riot Police

Crackdown on Occupy

The constant short-term status-quo focus of policy in the United States, manifested in the knee-jerk violent suppression of non-corporate sponsored protests, is actually going to be the protesters’ greatest asset—in the long-term.


Have You Been Listening to Political Context on Blog Talk Radio?

If you haven’t been listening to the Political Context podcast, you’ve been missing in-depth conversations with great progressive activists, organizers, writers and thinkers. All the podcasts are permanently archived at blogtalkradio.com, so you can listen to them and download them any time. We are also on iTunes! On October 20, Christine Owens, Executive Director of


Tea Party Tells Businesses Not to Hire Workers

They love America so much, and the American people so much, that they want mass unemployment to continue. They care about people so much that they want material suffering to continue. They want to choke the system, and they don’t care how many children go hungry in furtherance of their political goals. From MediaMatters: …leading

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