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"The Faces of Capitalism" by Pit Kuru

Ponerology (a science of the nature of evil)

Medical studies funded by drug companies have only lately “discovered” the onset of cancer, diabetes and autism is “not caused” by agents outside the body, but brought on by your own susceptible, read “defective’ DNA. They’re a passive creation with no visible perpetration rather like saying 93,000 women were raped in 2005 in the USA.


Occupy seizes vacant building for SF Commune

Occupy SF is celebrating a victory today after successfully regaining momentum and occupying a vacant building in San Francisco last night. April 1st marked a nation-wide day of action where Occupy camps in over 13 cities reclaimed their right to exist through demonstrations, marches and occupations. Occupy SF, after being forced out of their Embarcadero


Owning Is Not More Productive Than Working

We have yet to have an open discussion in America about the preferential tax treatment given to the ownership class. They’re not “job creators”, a meme the 1% is desperately trying to rehabilitate, so we can no longer afford to protect them with the enforced decorum of not asking the obvious questions of fairness.


CNN Should Fire Dana Loesch Immediately

I’ve talked to half a dozen active and inactive military personnel since revelations and details emerged of American marines urinating on the corpses of Afghan civilians. Each and every one of those soldiers told me unequivocally that the act was an obscene, unacceptable travesty, and that those marines need to be prosecuted to the fullest

Episcopal Bishop Mark Sisk

The Episcopal Church and social justice — why I believe Bishop Sisk is wrong when it comes to OWS and Trinity Church

Originally posted at Annie’s View. I was saddened and frankly surprised to read Bishop Sisk’s letter on Facebook. The letter disappeared and reappeared shortly thereafter, along with the accompanying comments. It would appear that Bishop Sisk is bowing to public opinion and caving in and is no longer allowing OWS supporters to utilize their facilities


America Defeated From Within: The Terrorists Have Won

Every veteran who has ever sworn allegiance to the Constitution, and especially those who have fallen in our defense, have been betrayed. Our government surrendered to fear, and all of our collective sacrifices have been in vain. Our rule of law was killed by the passage and signing of the NDAA for 2012. The domestic terrorists that hate our freedoms have finally won.

Occupy Dec 12

Occupy West Coast Ports

You can find more information about this event at http://www.facebook.com/OccupyWallSt

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