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Half a Cheer: some reactions to Obama budget speech

I listened to the President’s speech Wednesday on my car radio, which only gets our local NPR affiliate–no lie. “Squarely in the middle” was how the generic NPR guy referred to Obama’s position in the current budget debate, a position solidified even further with yesterday’s firm, visionary-sounding, higher-ground-seeking, fairness-seeking budget speech. But we agree with Kevin Zeese,

“Today’s deficits do not burden future generations…” Straight talk about government spending with Marshall Auerback

One of the most oft-deployed claims against the Obama administration, and the underlying concepts of social services, government spending, and social responsibility itself, is that deficits kill the economy. In fact, if you listened to deficit hawks from both major parties, as well as libertarian doomsayers, you’d think deficit spending was not just bad, but