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A Father’s Day Barbeque—Washington, D.C.,-Style

It’s Father’s Day, and that means the Great White Republican Hierarchy in Washington smells burnt charcoal and is ready to barbeque some Democrats. Because Father’s Day is special, the Republican-proposed Sequester is waived, and there is no budget limit for the day’s food and frivolity. It’s warm this Father’s Day, but the Republicans aren’t complaining

Ron Paul's photo-op with Don Black, American Nazi Party member, KKK Grrand Wizard and owner of Stormfont.

Unforgivable Transgressions: The Problem with Progressive Cheerleading of Ron Paul

In order to illustrate the problem with progressives feeling in any way good about Ron Paul, I offer the following hypothetical. Imagine a candidate, currently poised to capture a significant portion of the GOP primary vote, possessing a unique personality and message as a result of the groundwork he had laid for several decades as


The President’s Speech On Jobs, And My Call For Him To: “Go after Wall Street — Go after Wall Street now!”

Originally posted September 9 at All Education Matters. For many of us who tuned in to watch the President’s speech, we were reminded of Candidate Obama. But more than that, he sounded Presidential. For the first time, the President sounded strong, hopeful, and – most importantly – sympathetic. The Democrats would rise to their feet and applaud after

“10 Commandments Judge” Running for Presidency

The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was removed from office for defying the Constitution and a federal court order is now one of 14 major candidates running for the Republican nomination for the presidency. by Walter Brasch Alabama’s Court of the Judiciary unanimously had ordered Roy S. Moore removed from office in