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Capitalism Crumbles, Rich Kids Fly to Camp, and the Anger Grows

Forget the debt ceiling debacle–making the U.S. Congress the laughingstock of the developed world–for a moment. It’s not just government breaking down. The economy is contracting–maybe collapsing–and society as we know it may well collapse right along with it. Apocalyptic, you say? Overly dramatic? Glenn Beck-esque? Perhaps. But I’m not the only one on this

TIME TO TAKE CALIFORNIA! Strike & Occupy Sacramento beginning May 1

On May 1, 2011, several organizations and thousands of people will join together and begin an indefinite strike and occupation in Sacramento. Everyone who can participate in this, partially or fully, should. After victories in Wisconsin and displays of solidarity around the country, it’s time to take California. A victory there would open the gates wide.

Saudi Arabia: Royalism and Oilism

Nothing captures the cynical reality of fossil fuel capitalism more than the fear mongering taking place concerning possible uprisings in Saudi Arabia. Where the world should be celebrating people struggling to realize their dignity and gain a voice in the political processes that shape their lives, instead we are being treated to apocalyptic scenarios involving