Reasons to use perfume oil

Perfume is one of those cosmetics which everyone loves to own, all for the good reasons. But with so many options available in the market, we often forget about the oil based perfumes Dubai which aren’t only portable but also pleasant smelling. It is easy for the best smelling perfumes to become common easily which makes us lose interest in them altogether, but this isn’t the case with perfume oils as they are available in a variety. Keep on reading to know why you should be carrying perfume oils from now on:

  • Better lasting

Most of the times it happens that you apply a perfume to your clothes, and it stays there longer as compared to your wrists. The reason is that the amount of perfume elements is often diluted with other fillers in regular perfumes but oil based fragrances tend to stick longer to skin because oil lingers there instead of vaporizing into the thin air. Whereas if you are looking for some perfume to stick to your wrists longer then you should apply a very minor amount of oil before spraying the perfume and it will stick to your skin just like oil perfume.

  • Good for all skin types

For people with dry skin types it is harder for the perfume to stick to it because it will soon vaporize. On the other hand we cannot ignore the ton of chemicals mixed in it which are surely going to irritate the skin. Whereas if we compare that to oil perfumes we would see that oils are significantly last longer and because of its moisturizing abilities it is going to be less irritating on the skin.

  • They’re money savers

Even though the prices may vary from brand to brand but you may see that oil perfumes are actually saving you money instead of wasting it. How many times have you sprayed perfume into the thin air and wasted a lot of product? This is not the case with perfume oils as you could have control over how much you use because they actually come in a roll on bottle which is different from a spray that releases set quantity of perfume. These bottles are available at cosmetics wholesale Dubai which you can refill for your favorite scent again instead of wasting a bottle and spending more money on buying a new one.

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