The Impact of Alcohol on Your Body

We might say that wine is good for health but the fact is that too much of anything is bad for health and no matter how good and natural we drink, there are always reasons to say that drinking is bad for health. Each year many adults die due to drinking and the sad part is that now many youngsters are dying due to drinking problems. One of many is the shrinking of the brain, yes, believe it or not if you are a regular drinker, be prepared because your brain is either shrinking or it has already been shrunk. You must have seen people die because of drinking but if you ask their families, they will tell you that, near the end, those people were acting strange and some suffer from memory loss as well.

We have seen too many people losing their senses and lying on the ground but what you don’t know is that they are blacked out. This is a very common situation and this happens when the person has too much to drink and there is a lot of alcohol in their blood which causes the mind and body to shut down. But there had been too many cases where people got blacked out for long period of time and either they died or either they went in a long coma. Then there is the addiction, people have killed, stolen, sold all of the things and did horrifying things just to drink. This is because their body and mind get addicted but some leave it by detoxing their body and some do leave it for a while and start drinking more heavily, and this kind of situation is very bad. Also, when a person is blacked out, he/she can have a lot of hallucinations as well and they can have anxiety and panic attacks at that time and the person becomes difficult to contain.

Liver and heart damage, the most deaths due to drinking is caused by liver damage because that is the place where it affects the most. Just like smoking hits the lungs, drinking does straight damage to the liver. It also affects the heart because drinking alcohol thickens your blood and thick blood can be jammed up in the arteries which can further cause heart attack and it even weakens the heart. You can visit different cocktail bars in Dubai and hire any company of corporate events in Dubai.

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