Things to Do in Cyprus

Cyprus has been the number one country when it comes to studies and it has been in the top 20 best destinations for tourists for many years. This is an island country which is famous for its untamed beaches and natural landscapes. It is the most iconic and historical archaeological sites and areas. There are a lot of things that you can do while you are in Cyprus, and if you are a natural lover than Adonis Baths is the place for you. According to old Cyprus folk stories, that Adonis was a Greek god and he loved to take long baths here with goddess Aphrodite and they had many children as well. This place had a small waterfall and you can reach there by hiking. The hiking trails are also paved and it is a very secure place as well. 

If you are feeling a bit Holy or if you are a Church person then you should the Church of Saint Lazarus in Larnaka City and it is in the center of the city. This church was built in the late 9th century by Byzantine Emperor Leo VI. This church is located right next to the Byzantine museum and after the prayers you can visit the museum as well. If you want to see the heritage of Cyprus then your next stop will be Stavrovouni Monastery, here you will see many resorts and different houses of locals, the special thing about this place is that this place is constructed on a hill and it is 750 meters above the sea level. This place was founded by St. Helena the mother of The Great Emperor Constantine.

If you want to take Instagram perfect pictures, then you must visit the Paphos Mosaics. This is located at the Paphos harbor and this has a huge floor which is said to be the oldest and the most well-preserved floors of the world. So, old that it dates back to 3rd and 5th A.D. which covers from Hellenistic to Byzantine period. It covers at least 291 hectares where it has villas, theatres, hotels, restaurants, palaces, tombs and museums. There is a famous villa called The Villa of Dionysus which has 114 rooms and it is sitting on 5,985 square feet area. You can get citizenship by investment in Turkey and Cyprus passport.

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